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Christmas Day

We have a tradition of sharing a wish we have for someone else before opening up a present.  Everyone has to share and we go around in a circle.  It’s a tradition that Mom/Dad started and we’ve been doing it forever and it’s something that I intend on perpetuating. We had Christmas music going on in the background, everyone cuddled up by the tree, drowning in a sea of crumpled wrapping paper, and a box of chocolates floating around…I wanted to freeze that moment forever and revisit it whenever I start feeling sad.  It was such a beautiful day.  Originally, they were calling for snow–snow then turned into rain—rain then turned into a thunderstorm—none of which happened.  It actually turned out to be a gorgeous sunshiney day–a cool 65 with not a drop of snow or rain!


We had a lovely brunch of quiche, grilled asparagus, cake, and mimosas.


A layered sponge cake, sandwiched with macerated strawberries, iced with grand marnier spiked fresh whipped cream, topped with fresh strawberries and “snow” =D

I also want to share my nieces Christmas wish list just bc it’s funny and cute.
She asked for: dry erase markers, the history of “achannt” rome, a box of magnets, math flash cards, a fake school kit (whatever that is)!, and a teachers chair…too cute!

I couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas.  I hope all of ya’ll had a beautiful one too!

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–Your Squishy Monster

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