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Winter Wonderland at the Hospital

My friend recently had a severe asthma attack.  We went to go visit her and lo and behold, amidst tension and anxiety, we walk into what seems to be a winter wonderland!  As soon as you walk in, there are literally rows and rows of Christmas trees and decorations.  While we stood to admire them, a little girl was rolled down in her wheel chair.  As soon as she was wheeled out of the elevator, her eyes lit up immediately.  What a way to help those who are sick and spending their time in a sterile Hospital.  Can’t get to Christmas at home?  They’ll bring it to you!!


My fave color is pink so this was pretty cool and unique!


I wonder what this bow would look like in my hair?


There were “real” wind instruments hung from this tree!!


This one was decorated by some of the Alumni from my school!

Complete with a self playing piano!!

I’m a bit obssessed with things that are miniature so, like a child, I sat here checking out all the little houses and people.

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