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How to Grow a Mustache



A random, silly snapshot–of me being random & silly.

This morning, I look in my fridge and discover my bunch of Kale waaay in the back–neglected and lonesome.  To be frank, I’d completely forgotten about it which is completely unlike me.  In regards to food, I’m a bit fanatic and like a walking Rolodex (does anyone even use those anymore?!) know exactly what and when I bought anything food related, how much of it’s left and what I intend on doing with it.  Well, as I mentioned before, I’d apparently walked around with an Orange in my purse for a couple of days, unbeknownst to me so I must be losing my touch!  Fortunately Kale is a bit more forgiving.  Its sturdy leaves don’t wilt up and smudge like my little bundle of Spinach. 

Here’s what I did with my Kale:


Rinsed and dried, I scattered torn leaves onto a baking sheet, drizzled with Olive Oil (not Extra Virgin), sprinkled with flaked Sea Salt and dried in the oven at 400 for 15ish minutes.  What you have left are Crispy, Emerald Shards of Kale Chips that melt in your mouth like Potato Chips.  I love these–and they’re perfect in a little baggie to take with you on the go–just don’t leave it unattended and lonely like how I do! =D

Fake Mustaches and Crispy bits O’ Green Goodness

Your Squishy Monster

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