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Can’t go to Sleep

but then again, that’s most nights.

I figured I might as well blog.

That and to express my total embarrassment for not being “with it.”  Either a). I’m technologically inept or b). I’m not “cool” and with it bc I’m getting old-ER (that’s right baby brother I am NOT a Grandma)! =D

I got a message tonight asking why I’d been ignoring tweets.  Apparently, I have all of these Twits, Tweets, Twerks…whatever you call em and I didn’t even know :( I’ve been on Twitter for awhile now and I still don’t know how it works!

This just makes it so glaringly obvious to me that I’m no longer “cool.”  Pop Culture?  Forgettaboutit!  I’m always the last one to know what’s what.  I didn’t know who Snooki or Rebecca Black was until a few months ago…not that I’m the least bit regretful.

I suppose my wistfulness about any fleeting youth here (yes I realize I’m not OLD) derives from the idea that the World is moving way too fast and I wonder if it’s just me who’s going 35 in a 50 mph zone and the kid behind me is yelling profanities through the window?

I moved baby brother in to his College Dorm and I hadn’t the faintest clue what these kids were mumbo jumbo-ing about.

I hate how manic 2012 and beyond seem to be.

Where is the tall glass of Sweet Tea that sits next to you so long that it begins to drip glistening beads of sweat on its glass?  Where are the barefooted children that play outdoors and not locked inside burning their corneas with redundant video games that mimic the mania of the outside world?  Where is the throaty voluptuous talent that has since been replaced by the likes of Lady Gaga?  Perhaps she is the real life illustration of what the world is today.  Every changing and bursting like flame here and there.

I suppose I’m just yearning for a plate piled up with Pot Roast that’s been blistering away for 12 hours with real not instant Potatoes and real dessert that doesn’t come wrapped in cellophane.

That’s all.

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