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Healthy-ish Haul & Fatty-ish Lunch =D

Here is my mini haul to tide me over for the next couple days.  My friends think I’m crazy to spend so much time at the Grocery Store and to go as often as I do.  What they don’t seem to get is that for me, it’s like the equivalent of a Kid in a Candy Store.  I could get lost in those aisles.  My favorite part is to read the descriptive labels that smoosh a tangle of adjectives together to help you understand what you’re about to purchase might taste like.  I’ve always thought it’d be fun to a). be that person to write those delicious labels or b). be the voice of a cartoon character.  How fun would it be to be an animated Squishy Monster?!  I digress.  Here is what I got today:


I think I have a bit of an unhealthy obsession with Coconut Water.  I wish I could carry around a gallon of it wherever I go.  It tastes so yummy to me.  To me it tastes both Sweet and Salty (if that even makes any sense).  I got my Pom Juice for a freaking dollar!!!  It was on sale for $2.99 and I had a coupon for a $1 and it coincided with Super Double Coupon Day = $1!!!!  YAY ME!  Now perhaps “normal girls” feel triumphant over snagging the last pair of some sexy, slinky heels “on sale.”  For me, I feel rich when my cupboards are full, pantry is stocked and my Fridge is lookin’ mighty obese.

Here’s what my lunch looked like:


and no, I’m not THAT crazy, I didn’t eat all of this.  I had a Shirley Temple, a Wrap, Waffle Fries, and Fried Pickles =D

Coo coo for Coconut Water!!

Your Squishy Monster

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