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Korean Haul/Food

Haul…haha, like I mentioned before, I had no idea what a haul even was last year!


Mom/Dad absolutely, positively refuse to eat Brown Rice.  That, and they seem to have an aversion for anything that is not in the form of their familiar short grain, white sticky rice.  Even when I introduce them to different cuisine, I must temper it with something commonplace as if to reign them back into familiar and not so scary territory.  Whatareyagonnado though?  People of an “older, more sophisticated stature” are often set in their ways–like concretely set in their ways, lol.

Anyways, I went out and bought them some, in hopes to appeal to the side of them that hates to waste.  My gumption to recycle or re purpose virtually everything was birthed (haha) through them.  But as you can plainly see, the “tempering factor” here is that I also came bearing gifts of sweet snacks…the Pink bag is filled with crispy, woven Sweet Potato/Pumpkin flavored snacks sprinkled with crunchy roasted Black Sesame Seeds, the Yellow bag next to it is filled with Korean Popcorn that tastes a lot like Kettle Corn.  Mom/Dad loooove the stuff.  The last bag to the right is more Boricha.  You can never have enough–or, I ran out 😉

While I was at the Korean Store, I had Dinner.


Soondubu Jjigae (Spicy Seafood Soup with lots of Soondubu aka Silken Tofu)
and Mackerel.

It was delicious, don’t get me wrong but I’ll tell you something that no one else is likely to.  It seems to be a fundamental practice to allow MSG to be as free flowing as Salt would.  However to be fair, this isn’t exclusively a Korean practice.  It’s a lazy practice.  Almost all the Pho in town is rich with it, sorry to say, but so is your General Tso’s.  The first job I ever had in High School asked me (a server to sprinkle it in).  I’ve also worked at nicer places and there may be prettier dishes but it doesn’t mean that the Chef is always washing his hands or as ardently preparing a meal for you as you would for you and yours.  I suppose even before calculating gratuity, it’s the cost of eating out.

I love eating out because for me, it’s a treat= NO DISHES!!!  Oh how I detest dishes!!!!  but there’s nothing like lovingly ladling hot liquid into a pot, or feeling the grains of Salt sprinkle from your fingers into a dish, or chopping up fresh Veggies or Herbs and inhaling a gigantic whiff of freshness–all matters of quality control.

Wouldn’t it be nice if MSG meant More Squishy Goodness instead?  


Sweet Snacks & Spicy Soups,

Your Squishy Monster =D


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