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My Favorite Thrift Store Finds!


Now mind you, some days ya score, and some days, they’re just massive, epic fails.  I’ve accumulated quite a bit but these are my favorite “Kitchen Pieces” I’ve collected over time.


A 3-tiered Crystal Cake Stand–winning!  I love this baby.  She’s super heavy but so schmancy.  She looks best when adorned with plump Pastries dusted with snowy Sugar or studded with glittery Sprinkles. It was love at first sight!!


I drink OJ outta these cos that’s how I roll! =D


I bought these with full intentions of hosting a Latin themed Dinner night.  I’ve since been eating Pizza off of em, lol.

One man’s trash is another Squishy Monster’s Treasure!

Even if you’re “old,” I love you
The Squishy Monster =D

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