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Some of My Favorite Finds


I got all of these at the Dollar Store.  Sure there’s a lot of trash to sift through but sometimes, you can get something that you totally saw at Bed Bath and Beyond for 5 or 6 Dollars and spend less on 3 or 4 than you would on 1.  I know that technically, I’m not suppose to keep my teas in there but I enjoy them for the fact that you can see what’s inside and I can display them outside of my cupboards kind of like edible decoration for my Kitchen.  I also got these Martini Glasses.  I personally wouldn’t have picked Green but that’s all they had.  Whenever I have guests over, I’ve often tucked greenery on the bottom and presented a glass filled with Shrimp Cocktail to each guest.  This picture is worth a thousand moments of enjoyment and well, $6–LOL.

Also in my freezer, I found left over Cake bits.  Red Velvet from another life (not really-from month 1/2 ago from my last big baking gig).  Which I thought was a perfect opportunity to demonstrate Cake Pops.  I still have left over frosting from yesterday and I so haaate throwing food away. 


In a large bowl, you want to break up Cake and scoop in 1/2 the amount (eyeballed) of Frosting.  With cleans hands or a spoon, you want to mash it together until the mixture sticks together well.  

Then, you’ll want to roll out as many balls as you want.  I find it easier to just do this with your hands.


First, dip a lollipop stick (sold at any Craft Store or even Walmart/Target) in melted Chocolate
Second, push the stick into a ball (with your head out of the gutter)! 😉
Third, pop your tray of balls into the fridge for 20-30 min or so. 
(This is to allow the sticks to set so when you’re eating these pops, the Cake Ball doesn’t just tumble over).

The last step is the fun part–dipping and decorating.
Here’s a tip: a smudge (1/2 tb) of veggie shortening in your melting chocolate that’s over a double boiler helps your melted chocolate take on a glossier look and and easier to work with consistency.
If you’ve never dipped anything in Chocolate before, I’d recommend using melting chips (found at Craft Stores or Walmart/Target).  They’re much easier to work with. 


Easy Cake Pop Stand: Cover a piece of rectangular Styrofoam with wrapping paper then stick the prepared Pop in one at a time. 

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