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Won’t You be My Valentine?


In honor of Valentine’s Day, I wanted to just put it out there just how much I appreciate every single one of my new friends.

I am not a great poet and perhaps a love letter would prove to be inappropriate but (and at the risk of sounding extremely chicken-soupy)–how my heart swells for the positive thoughts that are so happily received.

As you may already know, cooking became a necessity for me at an early age.  As burdensome at times it seemed (particularly during the already difficult adolescent period we all endure), I never dreaded being in the kitchen.  True, in the beginning cooking to me meant cutting up Spam or the like and heaping a pile onto a bowl of rice, it inevitably transformed into an almost visceral experience/event for me.  I’m a firm believer that yes, we are all so very different (in what any mother would call “special ways”) but food is our one commonality as Humans.  The pleasure of the before, during, and after process involved with food is something that I’ve always wanted to share.  I am so happy that I’m finally able to do that.

I absorb and savor every word you, my friends share with me.

Love Always & Forever,

Your Squishy Monster


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