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First Giveaway!

I’m rapidly approaching the 2k sub bracket and in honor of this, I am hosting my very first Giveaway!!  I have a million years of gratitude built up for all of the amazing new friends I’ve made in the past 4 months.  There is such a wealth of talent and community on this platform called Youtube (which was not something that even existed in my mind at all, even a year ago)!  I want to show my appreciation by sharing with y’all what I personally love and have built my Channel and Blog around: FOOD!  Below, you’ll find my video for my favorite Korean/Asian Snacks.  It’s the fluffy cotton candy stuff made up of my childhood.  Whenever I catch a whiff of a freshly opened package of any of these, my mind immediately takes me back to Church Picnics or playing Power Rangers with my Baby Brothers, leaving a very obvious trail of crumbs from the kitchen to the play room.  This stuff was almost always gulped down by sippy cups, filled to the brim with the gallon jug Kool-aid…you know the stuff, tinted Alien Neon Colors, and never tasting of what the label promised.  Grape or Apple tasted of liquid candy more than anything.  As I got older however, I never did revert back for a taste of that nasty so-called syrup juice.  (Though, I do have an unnatural obsession with Apple Juice as an adult, LOL).  Ah, I digress.  I could talk about food forever, I reckon. ^.^

Anywho, the guidelines are simple: post a Video Response of you doing one of my videos/recipes (I have about 60 or so to choose from).  There’s a blog entry/recipe details/instructions that accompany each video.  The search engine on the top corner also helps a great deal to pin point them.  I will be using a random generator (which I struggled with for awhile but I concluded that this would be the least biased and fair).  First place will receive all of the “show and tell” Snacks from my video + a box of Homemade Cookies (a mixed variety to ensure that you’ll find something you’ll really dig).  Second and Third place will also receive a box of mixed Homemade Baked Cookies.  Baked and shipped to you, with love.  I will also tuck in a personalized note =D

Ends: Saturday March 10th, 2012

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Good Luck (and more so bc it’s a very real danger that I might gobble up everything, lol).


I only half kid =D

Your -always hungry

Squishy Monster ^.^

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