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Food, Fashion, Fun Filled Friday


Look ma!  I learned all about alliteration! …lol

Food conquers all, in my opinion (I make for a terrible fashionista anyways).

This is what I had for dinner:


Fried crab & cheese wontons


“Extra spicy” pad thai aka “spicy-in-terms-of-a-texas-pete-level-kick” and while I’m at it, I’ll be quite frank.  For nearly $6 more than how much it goes for at my regular joint, it didn’t measure up.  This was one served at a “fine dining” Thai establishment that me and my bestie tried out-the kind that replaces your silverware between each course which I think is a gigantic waste.  In my humble opinion, it was an epic fail, especially considering how consistently great my favorite hole in the wall Thai place is.

I think the extra charge had to stem  from their pretty decor (this is a terrible picture, btw)


My bff insisted we have dessert.  I’m never one to refuse!


Fried green tea ice cream…I should have included “fried” in my title too!

The city at night….
For as close to Uptown as I am, I often stray away from it (unless there’s something positively fantastic playing at the Theatre).  Maybe it’s because I’m short or maybe it’s bc I’ve yet to master the art of strutting in spiky heels but I always get stepped on.
The exception made here was that a) I was already there and b) I had been meaning to visit the Mint Museum.
Across the street, on the way in.
Welcoming you inside the building
The entrance to the “Fairytales, Fantasy & Fear” Exhibit.  Unfortunately, no photography whatsoever was allowed inside so I’m not able to share with y’all some of the cooler displays.  If ever this exhibit is in your area, this is definitely worth checking out!!  I think especially now, it’s a welcomed sight to see familiar things that echo your childhood–the magical time that only happens once, where things aren’t ever so complicated.
 A golden lady, doomed to live life with a scattering of daisy’s on her face, lol.
This one was referred to as “Stag Party”…perhaps there’s symbolism of castration here (is my best guess but then again, I’m practically clueless when it comes to the matters of art).
This one was one of my favorite pieces.  He is altogether legless.  I caught him at this angle instead of focusing on the fact that he is legless bc I think the artist did a remarkable job at capturing his expression.  He looks forlorn doesn’t he?  Especially considering that some may believe that animals may or may not be capable of finely tuned human emotions, but I’d like to disagree.
Downstairs, a fashion show was being hosted.
I wish I’d been able to snap a shot of the back of her head.  Her head piece was made of plastic baby heads, but I was also 3 stories above
So all in all, I may not be so artistically or fashionably inclined but maybe it’s because you can’t always eat it, haha.
Hope you enjoyed my day in food, fashion, and fun.
Happy Friday, everyone!!!
Love always,
Your Squishy Monster

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