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Just another Manic Monday…

No not really, lol.

Today, I have a rare day off.  Baby Brother is home for Spring Break and my other Baby Brother is leaving for the Netherlands today.  The whole family got together to Skype after dinner last night and it still hasn’t settled in for any of us that he’s leaving the Country.

Daniel, may you have a safe and happy journey.  I hope that this is yet another exciting chapter of your life and that it’s a wildly wonderful experience.  May you be happy and well, have lots of fun, eat lots of interesting things, establish incredible, life long relationships and make amazing memories.  I love you, Daniel.

So far today, I’ve cleaned the house, baked Brownies, gotten my oil changed, had Pad Thai for like the 10th time in 2 weeks (this is only a sliiiight exaggeration), and run a bunch of errands…Groceries, Target, Michaels… and I finally have a new toothbrush…yay!  This last sentence reminds me of the dynamic between me and David (my youngest brother).  He thinks it’s silly that I get so excited about such small things.  Just a 5 minute conversation with him is a loud reminder of how I’m getting older as he seems to be getting younger (obviously not true–he is only 7 years younger) but having raised him and seeing him through diapers to college makes the age gap seem even that much more significant.  He listens to music and uses slang that I obviously am not “cool enough” to be down with, LOL.  I find myself saying “kids these days…”  I find his fresh and free outlook on life to be fascinating. 

We chit chatted about such things over preparations for Dinner last night…
the band “Fun” was discussed while brushing an egg wash for Brie en Croute (bc that’s how we roll, LOL)
….what’s even funnier is that his current favorite song is “We are Young” 


We also had Cheesy Taters, Garlicky Salmon, and Green Beans with flaked Almonds–yum, yum!

Sunday Suppers with Arrivals & Departures,


Your Squishy Monster

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