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Weekend Bits

I’ve had the sad bug come and latch onto me lately.  He’s a vicious monster (again, not of the Squishy variety) and thought it would do some good to just “get away.”  I use “get away” loosely because surrounding my city are charming little towns, tucked into obscurity, that when given a second glance, are great places to roam around and get lost in (great considering they’re all but only an hour or so away).

The town I actually lived in for a year during my first year in college–seemed like a lot had changed (or maybe nothing has)

Slurpin’ my bottle soda (the only way I’ll drink ’em) at a quirky, old fashioned drug store, complete with a resident soda jerk, and all.

Authentic, old school decor.

My medicine cabinet consists of a crusty pepto bottle and expired aspirin…I should really get on that, huh?

Dinner at the bar I used to work at in college.  They still have yummy reubens.  It’s the same thing I got the first time me and my roomie came here.  Ah-memories

A share-bag of strawberry cotton candy at my first drive-in movie.  Share-size for a reason.  My tummy kind of hated me later.

I spent my Sunday in Old Salem.  My bestie put me in a car, didn’t tell me where we were going and whisked me away to the past.  I guess it was just that kinda weekend.  This enchanting little town was established in 1766 (and people actually live here).

Somebody has my kinda humor.  I love this!

The water here is delicious!

The lady who guards the Reynolda Gardens.  Doomed to an eternity of neck and back pain.

I can’t wait to have my own little garden!!  There is where I shall set booby traps for anything that attempts to spread sadness

Mm yum, now all I need is a heaping helping of Thai chicken!

I don’t know about you, but this is precisely the beginning of many of my childhood fantasies

So pretty

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