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Weekend Bits

I’ve had the sad bug come and latch onto me lately.  He’s a vicious monster (again, not of the Squishy variety) and thought it would do some good to just “get away.”  I use “get away” loosely because surrounding my city are charming little towns, tucked into obscurity, that when given a second glance, are great places to roam around and get lost in (great considering they’re all but only an hour or so away).

The town I actually lived in for a year during my first year in college–seemed like a lot had changed (or maybe nothing has)

Slurpin’ my bottle soda (the only way I’ll drink ’em) at a quirky, old fashioned drug store, complete with a resident soda jerk, and all.

Authentic, old school decor.

My medicine cabinet consists of a crusty pepto bottle and expired aspirin…I should really get on that, huh?

Dinner at the bar I used to work at in college.  They still have yummy reubens.  It’s the same thing I got the first time me and my roomie came here.  Ah-memories 😉

A share-bag of strawberry cotton candy at my first drive-in movie.  Share-size for a reason.  My tummy kind of hated me later.

I spent my Sunday in Old Salem.  My bestie put me in a car, didn’t tell me where we were going and whisked me away to the past.  I guess it was just that kinda weekend.  This enchanting little town was established in 1766 (and people actually live here).

Somebody has my kinda humor.  I love this!

The water here is delicious!

The lady who guards the Reynolda Gardens.  Doomed to an eternity of neck and back pain.

I can’t wait to have my own little garden!!  There is where I shall set booby traps for anything that attempts to spread sadness 🙁

Mm yum, now all I need is a heaping helping of Thai chicken!

I don’t know about you, but this is precisely the beginning of many of my childhood fantasies

So pretty 🙂

I know how you feel, little one.

This picture, unfortunately, does not do justice to the real scene that unfolded before the garden.  The lush beauty of the flowers set in contrast with the cotton candy sky really did lend you a sense of reality to all the story books I had read as a child.  How wonderful it must have been for the Reynold family to have the liberating sense of losing ones self in the winding dirt paths amidst thorny roses and the thick, heady scent of newly sprouting vegetation?  I could arm myself with a tattered book and fork and march up and down that landscape, purely content with the hug of Springs new scent and lettuce, begging to be torn and consumed.

I guess until I can afford a thousand acres of land, I’ll have to make do with the herbs I have plans to tuck into my little plot of soil this week.

Princess fairy tale sunsets & gardens,


Your Squishy Monster



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