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Fill in the Facts Friday

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  1. This weekend, I am most looking forward to making Lemon Blueberry Pancakes with my Niece.  (I intend on posting a video for this recipe).
  2. The highlight of today was getting an Ice Cream Cone with my Niece.
  3. I am loving my multi-colored nails right now ;)
  4. For Breakfast, I ate smoked Salmon


  1. I want to go swimming!
  2. I smell the pear-berry lotion that my Niece made me put on
  3. I am listening to Kimbra over and over again.  and again.

Grilling Burgers & Hot Dogs tonight.  My pretty Princess just informed me that she doesn’t like buns and that she’d like a large swirly mound of Ketchup on the side of hers =D

Happy Weekend Everyone!


Your Squishy Monster

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