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“I love you…but you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

My favorite line from Moonrise Kingdom.

Children at play in an adult world where the massive dysfunction of the adults they belong to forces them to seek refuge beyond the confines of a broken home, both of which are the case for Sam and Suzy. Neither belong and are drawn to each other like magnets through all the shattered glass. Suzy clutches her “stories” (one of the few possessions she thought to pack when they decide to run away together) and reads them aloud as if she is reading their own story to the world. As they venture further off the island, they assemble an idyllic life that neither one of them has ever known before.  Suzy’s “super power” is connected to her binoculars and it’s through them that we can see just how these two see the world. It’s seen in such a remarkable way. Sam and Suzy play house in the wilderness and build themselves greater normalcy than they could ever receive back home. The world casts them off as “emotionally distraught,” but when they meet, these two kindred spirits will never have to be alone again. They finally understand what it is to belong, to fit.

Another line of the movie I just loved was shared when they discover that the dog has been shot by an arrow amidst the brawl between the “beige lunatics,” (the movies version of boy scouts), and Sam and Suzy. Suzy asks Sam, “was he a good dog?” to that, Sam responds “who’s to say…” Who’s to say anything in this crazy world? Sam, in all his wisdom of just 12 years, realizes this. To Suzy, he fiercely clutches on.  Despite their young age, there is a permeating and authentic love that resonates between the two.

I loved the innocence of this movie so much. In a world where there is such unevenness and brokenness, this movie was a cool drink of water.

I highly recommend it, especially after a spectacular meal.

Salmon canapé

Calamari fritti

Greens with overnight tomatoes

Wild salmon with jasmine rice

Dark chocolate mousse cake

and to finish off the night,

…a beautiful rainbow

Beautiful things to watch, eat on a plate, and see in the sky….


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