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Weekend Bits

Yummy French onion soup–how can one go wrong with hot, broiled cheese?

Quite possibly the best damn thing to be served on a styrofoam plate!

Special delivery for some very special out of towners.

Double chick pea action.

While some may say”ew”, I get giddy with excitement.  Oh yes.  I will be that girl to suck on these in your car and stink up the entire joint.  You’re welcome

I saw him not once, but twice…I think it’s a sign that we should get married.

I think when I’m rich, I will commission half naked men to paint a beautiful mural for me too.  Just for funsies

The flowers are asking me a question.  I don’t think I have the answer.  At least not yet, anyways.

Though the evenings cool off, when it reaches 113 and joins forces with a relentless sun, it’s still uncomfortably warm.

…and here’s my current song-obsession of the week.

Heading to bed now, folks.


Your Squishy Monster ^.^

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