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Too Old For This

It’s a great possibility that it may just be me but I can’t function on no sleep anymore.

I went to see Kaskade on Wednesday and ended up pulling an all-nighter.  After party + bff birthday = no sleep and Thursday saw me as a senseless, blubbering fool.  I attempted to blog and all I came up with was, “blah…maybe blah and add some blah,”  lol.

It was great minus the half naked bodies smearing their sweaty torsos on you as they pressed forward and having random beer sloshed on your legs for a sticky spray of beer perfume.  The energy itself was great and infectious and it was definitely a good time.

We spent my best friends birthday at a dessert lounge and began the day with sweet vino and ended it with prosecco and something chocolate.

Happy Birthday, “Treasure,” I love you very much!!!!

I hope that everyone has a great weekend, I’ll be posting a yummy breakfast video this weekend 😉


Your Squishy Monster

p.s., the winner of the 100th episode giveaway is: Tiana at

A big thanks to everyone who participated, I love you all!!!!


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