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Around The World

Last week, I found myself at familiar places and those not so much.  The Charlotte community is opening up and developing a taste for foods that fall so neatly into the “ethnic” food category.  Why must they be considered “ethnic” anyways?  Aren’t we all about cultural pluralism?  Aren’t we supposedly a melting pot?  Hm…

I always think it’s funny when I walk down the “international aisle” which really just consists of a sprinkling of Goya or those unmistakable ruby bottles of Sriracha.  Consequently, I must venture off to a second store to obtain my Korean groceries, but I’m optimistic that this won’t always be the case.

Here’s my food line up for last week (end):

Mama’s Soybean Soup, Galbi, Tofu, and Korean Radish.  YUM!

Crawfish étouffée, extra spicy please.

Spicy Salmon & King Crab Roll

Spicy Mediterranean Potatoes from a Jewish cafe that just opened across the street.  (I’ve been there 4 times since they’ve opened…shhhh)

Cuban Sandwich for lunch

Best Fish Tacos in town!

I also visited an Ethiopian place that I shudder to think about.  I can’t say based upon my experience if I enjoyed it or not but I decided not to share until I visit another one to make a better assessment.

I hope the rest of y’all had a delicious week (end).

A new video will be up this week


Your happy-belly-full Squishy Monster ^.~


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