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Fish Tank With No Water

Last night was the last night we all had together for at least another month.  However, I’m so happy to report that both brothers will be with me on my birthday next month.

We decided to bring Mom flowers and take her out to a movie last night.  We got the the most gigantic tub of popcorn possible, and tucked into a seat with the lights dimming, greasy with butter, I found myself smiling at the simple joys of life that I get to partake in with my family and honestly, that’s what I took away from this movie at the end:

It revolves around the world of 6 year old Hushpuppy who sees the world differently.  To her, everything is connected and she sees and feels more than some 12 or 24 year old’s I know.  This is what she’s learned through the people that guide her through her life in “Bathtub,” a place considered unworthy of inhabiting (she was literally born on the wrong side of the levy in the southern part of Louisiana where flooding is imminent and everyone lives in heaps of trash).  She doesn’t know her mother and only has her father who’s health is rapidly declining.  Eventually, they are all seized by government agencies and placed in a shelter/refuge to which Hushpuppy remarks in defiance to being “rescued,” “is like a fish tank without water.”

Despite her father’s ailing health, it is he who teaches her all about resilience and strength through the utter collapse of everything she’s ever known.  “[Without him] I wouldn’t even be Hushpuppy.  I’d just be breakfast.”  It would be the easier road to take a quick glance at Hushpuppy’s world and cringe.  After all, it is just so “uncivilized,” but it goes back to grade school when we were taught all about societal norms and what is proper and what is not.  Hushpuppy don’t care–at the tender age of 6, she feels the delicate balance of life and understands survival and the acceptance of natures will to bend or break.  Sure, they’re social outcasts and live an irregular life but they have an abundance of love, understanding, (and food)!…  (haha, that’s all I need too, Hushuppy)!!

“The whole universe depends on everything fitting together just right. If one piece busts, even the smallest piece… the whole universe will get busted…Everybody loses the thing that made them. The brave men stay and watch it happen. They don’t run…When it all goes quiet behind my eyes, I see everything that made me flying around in invisible pieces.”

After our bellies were full of

Tortas for lunch

Korean Pancakes with Shrimp & Chives (center) …and left to right: Kimchi, Korean Radish, sautéed Eggplant, Royal Fern, Zucchini and Pancake Dipping Sauce

Kimchi Fried Rice

and Tiramisu for dessert (with Mama’s new Orchid).

After dinner, my bestie took us all out for “bon voyage” drinks.

“Here’s to another amazing adventure!”



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