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Where I’ve Been…

Tomorrow marks my 27th Birthday. Eek. Wasn’t I just 19 yesterday? This year will also mark my Daddy’s 60th birthday in October so it’s a year of great changes, great strides.

Here’s a peek into some of my favorite moments. In this digital age, going somewhere without your camera is like leaving your purse behind, but it happens. More often times, it’s that my tummy is rumbly and takes precedence over all things and it’s carelessly been left behind. Here is what I did manage to capture.

Venturing into the city that never sleeps for the girl that never sleeps. The city is a mirror image of what it’s like in my head. All.the.time.

D.C. made me so very aware of the large spread homeless community. It’s my dream to battle this, starting in my city-spanning out to yours. Ultimately, I hope to take my efforts overseas where there’s an even greater need. D.C. humbled me.

Horse back riding in Jackson Hole–I wanted to take Lola home but didn’t think she’d fit in my luggage. Lola made me appreciate wide open spaces. I felt like a blot amongst the wide open fields and shock of sky.

Florida. It was nothing like Spring Break. These were flowers I picked for myself (I don’t think you’re suppose to). I was very lonely here.

Niagara Falls made me feel close to Him. There’s such power in the crashing water.

Toronto. As is the mass misconception. Just like “regular” people, there are sweet fuji apples, and sour crab apples.

Hawaii. This place made me see that all my rushing-dashing-racing-whirling just really makes nothing but a blur sometimes (if that makes any sense). Everyone here is as relaxed as the Canadians were friendly

I’ve done a million and one shoots to date but this one is probably one of my favorites. Not only did my good friend shoot these, it was both fun and delicious!

Speaking of, this was one of my last shoots before I “retired.” This makes me remember that I spent a lot of energy into something that my heart never agreed with. I will remember in my 27th year to do what makes me happy. Always.

Baby brothers show that placed him in first place!!!

Texas. My home state. Where it all began.

I don’t just cook & bake.

This was a special day. Someone I loved dearly was going through the toughest time ever. It was an impromptu trip in an effort to create some smiles.

The last performance of The Nutcracker.

I suppose I never grew up completely. I was completely captivated by Twig.

Family dinners are always the most special for me and the smell of always makes me think of Daddy.

So, you’ve been on this journey of where I’ve been. This is where I’d like to be going. In my old age, I hope to have a life long lover to hold onto the shopping cart together with.

I wholeheartedly intend on making this next year the best year ever!

Happy Birthday to all you Virgos & Libras!

Love & Well Wishes,

Your Squishy Monster ^.~

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