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A Tiny Ripple

To preface this entry, I originally posted this on a different forum almost a year ago but Human suffering, across the board is something that troubles me.  I also realize that this won’t be as mega popular or as palatable as the efforts to save the rainforest or the dolphins (not that there’s anything wrong with that).  Nonetheless, this is something I feel the great urge to shed some light upon.

Slavery never ended.

According to UNICEF:

Annually, there are an estimated 1.2 million children being trafficked every year

There are 150 million children (or more) ages 5-14 forced into child labor

70 million girls (or more) are subjected to female genital mutilation

At any moment, there are more than 300,000 child soldiers (how is it possible that those two words can even sit next to each other)?  It is said that more than 2 million children have died because of armed conflicts since 1990.

Approximately 143 million children are left without a family.

Approximately 2 million children are exploited through prostitution and pornography

40 million children under the age of 15 are thrust into situations of abuse and neglect

More than 1 million children around the globe are consistently denied of their liberty by law enforcement

—> i.e. 7 years after Rwanda, 4,454 children were locked in prison awaiting some type of resolution regarding their case.  Only 196 children have since been released.

There are also a great number of unaccounted cases where children are kidnapped or sold for their valuable body parts/organs.

Note: Properly addressing the magnitude of child trafficking is approximate at best, as it is an illegal operation.  It’s become so uber-lucrative and spans out to every part of every country that it’s the classic case of “slipping through the cracks.”  The aforementioned figures are what UNICEF can account for definitely but as it’s become the third most lucrative organized criminal activity, people are literally killing and dying in order to perpetuate it.  It tails right behind drugs and arms (which children are also involved with).

I could bombard this post with gruesome images imbedded in between each striking adjective, but I’ve decided against it in hopes that the words and the facts, will weave a personalized reaction from each person who reads this.  What could be more of an emotive issue than that regarding the lives of innocent children?

I cannot even begin to comprehend how, as a human being, one person can determine that their life is of more value than the next. Don’t we all, as humans, feel hungry?  alone?  joy?  heartache?  fear?  happiness….??   Children are targeted because they are often times, deserted without a voice.  Is there a greater sin against humanity than that of targeting children?  For a 5 year old who should be reiterating the alphabet instead of working long hours in a dim sweat shop or other children born into such impoverished nations that they’re being sold because their organs are worth more than the hassle of keeping another mouth fed…where is the justice? Last year, 138 child laborers were rescued in New Delhi, each subjected to all the deplorable conditions one could carelessly pin to an urban horror story.  The rescue efforts were sparked by people who care.  Like I said, my tiny ripple.  If even 10 people read this and just one person cares enough to tell someone else, watch a youtube video with a friend on child trafficking, bring it up in church, write an e-mag editor or elected official, get involved with world wide relief efforts or ANYTHING, we’ll have done something vs. NOTHING. 24 ways to fight Human Trafficking

It’s really a selfish endeavor I suppose…to alleviate the pain that it brings me to realize that children are being sucked dry of their liberty and their inherent right to be children and that even in a land of wealth and freedom, this is an issue that plagues even the most suburban backyards here, in the states.  I for one, spent 20 minutes reviewing paint swatches the other day.  We all get wrapped up in our own lives.  So many bills to pay, running like a hamster in its own wheel, a cyclical force that has most of us living to work.  My dream is to one day be financially stable enough to spearhead an organization that seeks out the battered, abused, and neglected child population of the world.  I would love to find like minded individuals that could help me initiate change by ways of our own abilities.  There are just so many possibilities…teaching the youth of North Africa how to read, implementing a skill set for those in Cambodia, building schools and churches,or maybe even teaching a little girl or a boy how to bake!  That would be something! (and) maybe, I’ll be Angelia Jolie in the next lifetime, but until then, this is my tiny ripple.  I’ll be making an even bigger one when I can find a bigger rock.  For now, will you guys please help me utilize the list of 24 (on how to fight human trafficking—link above).

Thank you


Your Squishy Monster

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33 thoughts on “A Tiny Ripple

  • Tandy says:

    This is sickening and saddening!

  • Suzie says:

    A tiny ripple is how things turn into a big wave. It makes you wonder though, why are drugs more important to remove than saving children? As a country we do not have our priorities straight and that is sad. I watched a show on your topic once, it was very disheartening.

  • Lester. says:

    A great post as usual Angie! When slavery ended in this country( England was so embarased they ended slavery before America did.Slavery , white slavery, etc Are horrible all over the world.ESPECIALLY CHILD slavery Angie!There havd been incidents of teen ( Especially GIRLS AMERICAN BORN Angie that GET DEPORTED! AMERICAN BORN BOTH PARENTS and end up in SLAVERY in foreighn lands. Most are homeless or run aways. More have been snatched off the streets! I have several relatives in Nevada that tell me many areas of Nevada have CHILDREN SNATCHED, KIDNAPPED! This is a tragedy .I pray this horror can be stopped!

    God bless you and have a great day Angie!



  • The Squishy Monster says:

    I have hope for the future. A lot of people I encounter aren’t even aware of these issues that plague our own backyards. I hope that compassion grows, especially for the future of these lost children.

  • CCU says:

    The notion of human trafficking and slavery makes me want to tear our world to pieces, a shallow visage of happiness with this turmoil occurring underneath. I cannot believe how disgustingly high those stats are and wish they did not exist.

    Monsters in the world yet they are human >:(

  • The Squishy Monster says:

    I like that–should’ve called this post “Big Wave…” lol.

  • The Squishy Monster says:

    Unfortunately, it goes on right under our noses. I hope to be part of a movement that puts an end to this!!!

  • The Squishy Monster says:

    Human Monsters. It’s completely nonsensical and I can’t (or don’t want) to begin to understand it.

  • Harold Bond says:

    pretty good insights. I’ll be sure to stop by and read more from you. thanks.

  • DWei says:

    You didn’t mention the child pornography. I guess that could be under human trafficking but the amount of child pornography out there is horrifying.

    People don’t realize that when a group of people get arrested or caught by the police they’re just scratching the tip of a massive iceberg. It’s unbelievable and it’s terrifying.

  • Wizzy says:

    I actually know a child who has been rescued from child slavery by another family member. This child was adopted by Americans and taken from her country to be the ‘house slave’ for them and their other children. She was emotionally and physically abused. Timely post. This is a world wide problem that affects children everywhere and sometimes we have to speak out and speak up in order to bring about change.

  • The Laughing Housewife says:

    We look down on our ancestors but we are just as guilty.

  • Lesater. says:

    Yes Angie. More people are becoming aware of this horror and are exposing it and speaking out. Doing more to stop it.Yes there is hope!



  • The Squishy Monster says:

    Any issue plaguing children always makes me shudder. I hope compassion and empathy become more widespread. Thank you for your words of encouragement, Les!

  • The Squishy Monster says:

    I hope it becomes more common knowledge. I still have friends that were shocked to hear about this.

  • The Squishy Monster says:

    Now that is a happy rescue that instills hope in me. I hope that she is happy and well now. I cannot believe the callous/selfishness of some people. CHILDREN! How can anyone look at a child and not feel an overwhelming urge to nurture and protect them????

  • Norma Chang says:

    The statistics are staggering not to mention heart wrenching, thank you for shedding some light upon this deploring situation.

  • thyme (sarah) says:

    Lately, we’ve watched several movies off of Netflix that highlight the child neglect. The movies highlight children in India, Cambodia, and Vietnam. I realize also that children are so caught in the crossfires of ancient battles in the war torn Africa. Ripples are the only way to affect change and I commend you for working to create those waves.

  • LinsFood says:

    Hey Angie, it took me a few gos to finish your post as I kept tearing up. This is very profound. As a mother of 4 young kids, I have an especially hard time with any form of negativity towards kids. When you reach your target and are saving the children of the world, give me a call. xx

  • Jen L | Tartine and Apron Strings says:

    These facts are just disturbing! As a mother of 3, I cannot bear to think of the pain that such (illegal) acts bring. Children are innocent and beautiful, so we must do our part in helping stop human trafficking! Thanks for sharing these important facts

  • Yudith @ Blissfully Delicious says:

    I have seen several shows, and watches a few movies that highlight this – and it really makes my stomach sick! I am glad to see you starting a tiny ripple to create the waves.

  • The Squishy Monster says:

    Hopefully, it creates a substantial wave.

  • The Squishy Monster says:

    Thank you so much for reading my words. I appreciate you so much!!

  • The Squishy Monster says:

    Have you watched The Man From Nowhere?

  • The Squishy Monster says:

    I had a dream last night and staggering was a word that kept coming up. I hope to see a happy end to this sadness.

  • chocolatecookiesandcandies says:

    A topic like this will never be as popular as fashion but it’s far more important. I commend you for your courage and compassionate to write about this. It breaks my heart each time I read about trafficking or prostitution. I’ve been supporting World Vision and lately Tear Fund for years but that’s only scratching the surface. There’s still so much to be done.

  • The Squishy Monster says:

    You have my utmost admiration for doing something vs. nothing. We need more compassionate souls like you–how much greater of a World would we be living in? You have my respect, my friend!!

  • Veronica says:

    Ugh, and I think there are lots of things going on like this (maybe not with these numbers, but bad nonetheless) that we just don’t know about. I recently read “Escape From Camp 14” and felt ashamed that I had no idea that these prison camps in North Korea existed…although they do outright lie and say they don’t, despite us being able to see them on Google Earth. Thanks for putting this on your readers’ radar so we know about it and can start our own ripples, like Suzie said it’s the little ripples that cause a big wave.

  • The Squishy Monster says:

    I’m trying to get my hands on Escape From North Korea by Melanie Kirkpatrick.

    I’m going to try and dig your read up too—thank you for telling me about this, Veronica!!!

  • The Squishy Monster says:

    This is an issue that can simultaneously make me cry, angry, and sad all at the same time

  • The Squishy Monster says:

    You’re so right about just scratching the surface …it’s incredible that this stuff goes on right under out noses. It makes me sick to think that there are people out there that are capable of doing this

  • Veronica says:

    His story is unique b/c he’s the only known person to ever have escaped that particular camp. You wouldn’t believe what it’s like-it took him a while to figure out that normal outside the came is nothing like the normal inside. Inside there is no love, no trust. Ugh. I’ll just let you read it.

  • The Squishy Monster says:

    I’m so happy that you cared to pick up this kind of literature. Many people I’ve encountered would rather ignore issues that are so prevalent around the world, OR, even in their own backyards.

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