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Super Foods For Super Women

As you all know, October marks Breast Cancer Awareness month.  As a foodie, I apply “food logic” to most (if not all) things.  The right foods can boost your mood, metabolism, and overall health (and happiness)!  Some of the following are foods that we should all try to eat more of (even greedy little Squishy Monsters who want to eat nothing but  cheeseburgers and truffles all day, instead).

Dark Green Veggies like Kale, especially delicious in Blueberry & Kale Smoothies!

Popeye should’ve got the extra mile with some lush and beautiful Kale that’s just bursting with Vitamins A,C, and K.

What else goes into my daily amazeball breakfast smoothies?

Flax & Berries:

If Acai Berries are too expensive, opt for Blueberries or Cherries, like me.

(I hear it absorbs better when it’s ground).  I enjoy sprinkling in a bit whenever I bake muffins or breads.  There are also Flaxseed supplements that are available, but it’s better to eat your nutrients the old fashioned way however, it’s a good vegan alternative to…


Like Salmon, Herring, Sardines…my favorite is Mackerel.

Studies show that omega 3’s may suppress the growth and formation of cancer cells.

Garlic, best consumed in its raw form.  Try my Garlic Yogurt Dressing (zero-low fat, with all the fullness of its evil creamy counterparts).  Garlic is said to reduce the risk of developing cancer.

White or Green Teas.  I particularly enjoy Silver Needle.  White Teas are said to have the highest levels of antioxidants.

Here’s my health haul, just in case you missed it.




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