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The International Festival

I was the last of my friends to grudgingly switch over to Facebook, and while others were “pinning,” I figured it was a new knitting or crocheting technique that I wasn’t hip to and I’ve yet to watch a single episode of “Dancing With The Stars,” “Bachelorette,” or any of the other slew of talent competition shows out there.  I just imagine that it’s the basis for the parody that is “God Bless America,” a most interesting movie that I watched last week.  No, I don’t know what Lindsay Lohan did nor do I care what Miley Cyrus’ hair looks like.  It’s almost horrific what counts as entertainment these days-don’t even get me started on kids shows.  There was some shock value however, in the fact that I had never been to the local international festival until this past weekend.  The ’37th annual!’ banner made me sheepishly grin before I scurried around like a crazy person.  Not only was there an abundance of food, there was cuisine that represented at least 50 different nations…something to definitely get excited about.  It’s considered to be one of my city’s top cultural events and was one of the first events to reflect the growing international dimension of our city though, I had to chuckle to myself when not a single Korean face was to be found at the Korea booth but nonetheless, I was glad to see it busy.

I can’t wait to go to Thailand one day {at the top of my list!}

Bosnia: Ćevapi

Brazilian Candy

A very cute little boy with a very cute little dragon

German Brat + Kraut

Greek Melamakorona & Baklava

Indian Chicken Biryani and…


Pretty Peruvian Dolls

Russian nesting dolls

Jewelry from Senegal

Venezuelan Arepas

Vietnamese Bánh mì…check out my Korean inspired one!

I think I stuffed myself beyond capacity but as there were arts, crafts, demonstrations and performances to keep me busy, I dismissed it as mere finger foods to occupy my belly as my eyes soaked in all the sights.

Sending love from {one very happy bellied} Squishy Monster! ^.^

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