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There was a homeless man asleep under brown paper bags with scratches all over his face.  Self inflicted?  Crazy girlfriend?  Bum fight??  Could I exchange my sore feet from being a tourist all day for dripping wounds?  Soft fluffy pillows for nothing but crumbly piles of brown snow to keep me company? His bags faintly read “Big Brown Bag” and under the twinkling artificial lights of the city and $17 cocktails, he almost seemed part of the old buildings.  There forever with no one noticing.

What will he dream about tonight?

IMG_6381NY is what I always feel like in my head.  Rush-whirl-whizz.

2Breakfast: Daenjang Jjigae, Dumplings, Anchovies, Bean Sprouts.

1The old man who barely spoke any English assured me that custard buns are” good for you and make you very strong.”

3Lunch.  In my opinion, it was good but not worth the-2-1/2 hour-wait-food-gasm-good.

4Being cliche.

5Between the two, the “wafel” dribbled with fudge “dinges” won, hands down in comparison to the crack pie that everyone insisted no, screamed that I just must try (but that’s just me).

IMG_6373Roasting pigs, alligator claws, sea cucumber, and toads all available at your neighborhood China Town.

IMG_6375Hello my friend durian!  Fancy meeting you here.

IMG_6379IMG_6380photo 4I can’t wait to go back.  Of all the times I’ve been, I’ve yet to venture beyond lower Manhattan–there’s so much more uneaten territory!

…and speaking of, there is such a vast array of hot men in the city.  It seems that NYC should win an award for providing such a high quality buffet of handsome, cultured men.  Mom and I got lost a few times but I can’t say that I minded one bit asking for direction.  To this day in my city, I still meet people that comment on how well I speak the English language which in turn, makes me want to throw a donut at them, haha.  Oh sexy English man that I bumped into at the Milk Bar, won’t you feed me bits of pie with your fingers??

Fudge dinges and sexy crack pie,


Your Squishy Monster ^.~

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