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Weekend Bits



Don’t judge (I aged the dough for 2 days and was happy with the results)-so much so that I had them for breakfast, lol.


Christmas party yummies #Imonlyhereforthefood  The program specifically stated that there would be a visit from Santa but alas, he was no where to be found 🙁

3 The soprano from The Magic Flute was even there to regale us with opera …+ dinner = ftw!

4 Going along with the theme of Cheesecake + Cake, a festive rosy strawberry cheesecake cake + twinkling Christmas lights.

5 Best part of my weekend?  Baby brother is home!!!  Nothing like a live intimate concert to celebrate the holidays 😉

6 Boricha (Korean barley tea) to keep warm, muhl-Kimchi, Mackerel, omurice, and roasted laver for dinner.

7 Dessert!

Dinner at Ruth’s Chris…

photo 2 (2) photo 3 (2) photo 4 I have to say, I was rather underwhelmed.  My salad was fluffed with a ton of iceberg underneath, my spinach drowning in a pool of grease, and my filet under seasoned.  It’s ok though, I baked enough cookies to last me ’til tomorrow (or tonight, depending on how greedy my stomach gets).

Love and lost Santa,

Your Squishy Monster ^.~


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