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Weekend Bits

IMG_6538Breakfast: I have it down in the books to do a video 😉

IMG_6625Lunch with the most beautiful mama in the world.  Clockwise: ooh-guh-ji-galbi-tang (spicy napa cabbage/beef rib stew), steamed rice, cucumber kimchi, bean sprouts, radish kimchi, spinach, kimchi, and boricha (barley tea).  That’s a whole lot of kimchi, huh?


IMG_6604A mid-afternoon snack from my favorite all-natural bake shop.

I love you all,

Your Squishy Monster ^.~


28 thoughts on “Weekend Bits

  • Yay for yummy red velvet crepes, and boo for bad bar creeps. I’ve never been fond of the bar scene myself. However I may over look it if they have good karaoke set up.

    Love and Prayers,


  • Excellent post my dear!! You have it going, so never worry about anything. Some people out there don’t get it. You do! I did laugh reading that you hate bars. I probably could be your mom and that would be something I would say. When I meet friends out once in awhile I feel the same way. Everything looks delish;especially the red velvet crepes and cupcake!!

  • Yum to the red velvet crepes!

  • Pumpkin pie milkshake? You know how to live! What a treat.

  • I hate when people ask me, “What are you?”. First of all, why does it matter? Second, it makes me feel uncomfortable and like they are just waiting for a reason to be judgmental. Racism is so 1800’s people. 😉

  • Lester. says:

    Every thing loks delicious Angie and I love the panda!

    You can also respond to the question what are you? with That you are a beautiful creation of GOD and one of the precious manifested desires of your parents. That you are a special lovely LADY and person.

    Enjoy your week end Angie.

    Love, xoxoxoxo.


  • Joanne says:

    Red velvet crepes = YUM. Super yum. And I think it is SO rude and tacky for anyone to ask “what you are”. Ugh.

  • Joanne says:

    Okay red velvet crepes. YES. WANT.

    And how rude is it for someone to ask “what are you?” I think that’s beyond tacky

  • Amy Tong says:

    WTF! I can’t believe that happened to you. That person was so rude. I certainly wouldn’t know how to response in a situation like that. So sorry you have to experience that.

    On a brighter note, I’m glad your site is acting normal now. 🙂 I was worry it got hacked or something. Good to be able to leave you a comment. Hm…and I’ve drooling on that spicy napa cabbage/beef rib stew! Looks very flavorful. Wish you a wonderful rest of the weekend.

    • The Squishy Monster says:

      It took me a moment for it to even settle in, I was so shocked. Thank you so much for your patience, Amy. We’re still working on some of the final kinks but hoooopefully it’ll be all better soon (maybe my blog caught wind it was flu season, lol).

  • Veronica says:

    OK so get ready to die of hilarity but when you said “I hate bars” I thought you were talking about the kind of bars that you eat. I was like “WHAT? What is so wrong with bars? They’re like cookies you can cut, but they can have layers and be gooey. What can she be noticing that I’m not?” And then when you said “I usually get stepped on” finally I got it. Haha! For a second though I was like “why would eating a bar make her get stepped on?” LOL! OK now that we’re on the same page, yeah, I don’t like bars either. Sorry for the racist comment and what you have to put up with as an American with Korean heritage. Whatever, you know you’re gorgeous, so people are really just jealous of you.

    Very nice eats too, BTW! Kimchi envy!

    • The Squishy Monster says:

      I don’t discriminate with people or food, haha. I just couldn’t believe this guy. It really did take me quite a while for it to even settle in, V. It was crazy.

  • brian says:

    very delicious looking dinner! racists are ignorant..don’t sweat their stupidity + have a happy day! 🙂

  • brian says:

    very delicious looking food. and racists are ignorant…don’t sweat stupidity! hehehe 🙂

  • Natalie says:

    I can’t stop looking at the pic of red velvet crepes! Get in my belly!

  • bars are evil says:

    racism is stupid…
    ppl always freak out when they find out I’m from

    bunch of xenophobes

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