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Sparkle Like a Diamond

I’ve been going through some personal things as of late, but I’m so blessed to remember that I have such an incredible support system that loves me for me, no matter what.

I wanted to take this time to thank my remarkable family and friends because without you, I’d be one sad and lost Squishy Monster. I love you guys!!!!!!

The way I see it, sadness can be like your pair of old, ratty sweatpants. It can be a rather comforting and familiar companion but you can’t go through life as a fused pair forever. Ultimately, there are appointments that need to be met or job interviews and weddings where they just aren’t invited. If you allow it, melancholy man can suffocate or consume you and I know for me, I struggle with the exquisitely excruciating pain that it lends. It’s just so damn comfortable to just loaf in those sweatpants when life knocks you down. It’s just easier to wallow, but it’s certainly not better. It’s most difficult for me to understand that the world is as filled with those that are just as miserly, greedy, mean or narrow as it is with those who are sunny, selfless and courteous.

I met one of my best friends parents for the first time yesterday and it really reinstilled my faith in humanity. It both took them 40 years but they finally found one another and they still couldn’t be more in love. Their happiness radiated from them like sunshine and despite some devastating health problems, they seemed more concerned with spreading comfort, joy, and love than fear or stagnation. I felt warm just being in the company of such genuinely sincere people. This is how I’d like to raise my children one day.

I ramble. I know. So, on to the food we go!

photo 1 Salted Caramel Cupcakes to turn that frown upside down


Kale egg drop soup I made for breakfast.

3EFE3868-2E68-4F3C-86EB-13B2640454D5 Pud Khana for lunch.

photo 3 Kartoffelpuffer for dinner.

and a BIG surprise!

photo 4 My very first pair of diamond earrings! I think I literally slam dunked my CZ’s at the bottom of my bag and shook my head profusely to make them sparkle, haha.

The universe is a funny thing. As I went through this week, I was approached by two strangers who whispered encouragement in my ear and a new friend came into my life who just had all the right things to say at the very right moment.

I am blessed.

…and you are too.

Sparkling like a diamond,

Your Squishy Monster ^.~

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