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Weekend Bits

With Bry post a jazz venue.

Pops literally bought a boat load of shrimp and I made teriyaki shrimp for lunch.

Super spicy papaya salad

The only farm-to-table restaurant in our city.  All their ingredients are sourced within a 100 miles and they boast nothing but all natural and organic dairy/meats.  I enjoyed everything but the part where I caught the flowers on fire, haha.

My friend and I always pass this particular coffee shop, always with intentions of stopping by but never do.  This day, we finally did and there was even a message for me when I got there.  We linked up with a local artist who has agreed to paint a portrait of me {super stoked} and chatted with the owners who have agreed to let my friends band play this week…and there’s another potluck this weekend?  Hell and yes.

Favorite weekend texts:

Favorite snack this weekend:

Essentially fish jerky, sure it’s strange but it’s mucho delicious!

Favorite weekend email:

Mocha mochi my friend Ann made from my mocha mochi video.
Weekend chuckle.

Tonight, I’m headed to a rodeo just for random funsies and maybe watch the flight of some Monarch butterflies at the Imax.  I hope y’all are having a great weekend.  See you soon with a video!

Love and happy weekends,

Your Squishy Monster ^.~

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