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Life is {Bitter}Sweet

That’s why I think I’m always baking up cupcakes.

IMG_7136 Chocolate Peanut Butter.

IMG_7185 Confetti to take along to a dinner party.

IMG_7127 The entertainment: my gf Bry doing what she does best!

IMG_7137 A lasagna dinner made from a recipe that survived through the 50’s #VintageRecipes

IMG_7141 Mexican food to celebrate the glutton in all of us.

IMG_7153 Charcuterie & an éclair


My very special, bittersweet portrait done by the local artist I met last week.  As I thanked him, he confided in me that he’d been diagnosed with prostate cancer last week.  He is a very special man and I am blessed to have met him.  This means that much more to me.  Thank you.

photo 2

As I entered the NBC studios this morning, I met the ever talented Anthony Hamilton as he spoke of all his philanthropic endeavors within our local community.  Of course my eyes are closed but it just wouldn’t have been as funny without it

Life is what you make it.  She’ll always throw you curve balls, no matter how tightly you grip your good luck charm but hopefully in that mix, you’ll always have time to sit and savor a sweet pastry or two and meet some incredible people to share them with along the way.

I love you all very much.  I’ll be at the beach until Monday and can’t wait to see y’all with a new video!


Your very grateful Squishy Monster ^.~


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