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Beach Bits

1 On the drive to the beach.

2 Lunch, recipe here.


Mussels posillipo (served at a “gourmet ocean side eatery”) where I found nothing “gourmet”  but the prices.

4 After a weekend stuffed with deep fried seafood, I decided to take matters into my own hands with a low country boil, made with seafood caught that very day.

5 A stroll through the local town found me wistfully standing behind the windows of a cute but closed old fashioned taffy shop where the owner must have seen my expression from the back.  He unlocked the door and allowed me to drop these colorful candies into a very happy paper bag.

IMG_8198 While fishing, we caught a baby shark we threw back

IMG_8199 and a skate that everyone else wanted to throw back as well but I knew it’d make for a most delicious salad.

IMG_8232 On the way to the ferry, I nearly tripped on this little guy.

IMG_8233 We ended the trip with refreshments at the bar they shot Safe Haven.

IMG_8234 and bid goodbye as the sun set until next time.

I hope that everyone’s weekends were filled with good eats and beautiful moments.


Your Squishy Monster ^.~

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