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Dinner Parties & Bee Stings

Me and mama spent the day together {which means we spent a great deal of time cooking and eating together}

She made us mandu, mapo tofu, spinach soup, and a variety of banchan: spinach, anchovies, zucchini, and Korean radish.

I had shrimp po boys with spicy broccoli slaw for lunch.

and me and J were invited to a most lovely dinner party on the lake by some wonderful people who just insisted on making us an authentic Korean meal.  Oh.hell.yes.

There was a dessert of 수정과 {cinnamon tea} and sugarless vegan ginger cookies!

Me and mama’s grocery haul.  Pops goes positively nuts for animal crackers.

It was a fabulous day aside from the fact that I got stung twice by J’s bees.  Believe it or not, this beauty lay still long enough for me to capture a shot…they’re such wonderful little things that I can’t even be upset…red, itchy, blotchy spots or not.

but the day ended on a sweet note with the teeniest tiniest flower ever and a single red rose with the longest stem I’ve ever seen.

Hope your day was sweet too!

Love and the bees knees {whatever that even means}

Your Squishy Monster ^.~

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