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Sushi with Squishy


In the past week, I’ve consumed an absurd amount of  sushi.  If Korean food is my favorite cuisine, sushi is a strong second contender.  I never tire of the stuff though, my concern will momentarily flick back at the realization that the vast quantity of it at the rate I greedily gobble it up has to exceed the recommended intake by any physician *shrugs*

Have you tried Toro?  He’s rich, fatty, and delicious (tunas heavenly version of bacon, if you will).  However pricy, I can’t deny he’s worth every penny!

Hello delicious friend, we meet again!

Nigiri Sampler, striped with my best friend, sriracha (in my opinion, it’s best to order a la carte or you end up with some filler items like ebi).

The Domino was a drag.  It was suppose to feature seared ahi tuna but was so overcooked, it really looked and tasted like some canned stuff.

I’d have to say that Eel is one of my favorites (sorry Flotsam and Jetsam)

This was my least favorite of all as the new spot I’d decided to dine at on a whim attempted to cast off surimi as crab.

All in all, it’s been a pretty yummy sushi adventure this week so far and I certainly wouldn’t complain for more.

Wishing you a bright and sunshiny smile from the oh-so-dreary/rainy/grey Carolina’s,


Your Squishy Monster ^.~

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