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Weekend Bits

{aka food holiday} but on second thought, I live my life as if it’s a perpetual food holiday!

Baby brother was in town for a short while and I made sure to fatten him up (as he’s one of those starving artists/college students) and sent him packed with goodies too!


Family dinner, recipe here.

Family dinner, take 2.  Recipe here.

A to-go meal for daddy’s road trip, recipe here.

Similar recipe here.

Cajun food + live jazz!

Seafood + homemade oreos for my cousins graduation…

and speaking of cookies, you can’t forget about dessert!

Recipe here with homemade mochi.

Mango mochi ice cream.

Snacks to nibble on while watching the new Star Trek.

And the most gigantic candy bar that baby brother left behind to punish indulge me.

Weekend chuckle:


Oh so true.

Roses to make me happy


and beauty to punctuate the weekend…our state bird in my parents back yard and daddy’s baby citrus

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