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Weekend Bits

Days like yesterday can be so bittersweet for those who have lost their mother’s/father’s and my heart goes out to all of you.  To a very special someone, I know that your pops is winking down at you, beaming from ear to ear because you’ve done him proud.

It makes days like yesterday even that much more special for me.  My family is the entire world to me and the fact that we can break bread, share laughs, and just be near each other makes lovely days like yesterday so worth working hard and trying harder, day in and day out.  I love you so much, Daddy!  Crazy plant obsession and all (he’s a mad scientist with a green thumb).

Daddy’s day menu of grilled squid, galbi, shrimp cocktail, kimchi, bean sprout and spinach banchan (side dish), lettuce wraps, fruit, and cheesecake.

Even though my baby brother’s weren’t there to physically celebrate with us, we were wrapped in love and laughter (the latter being aided by second, third, and even fourth helpings by daddy)!

Cake Batter fro-yo after dinner because when it comes to food, we don’t mess around.

To back up the weekend, I woke up extra early to prepare a Korean breakfast for my parents and it was only 2 hours later, I realized pops wasn’t going to be there.  Needless to say, Mama and I had more than enough mackerel, kimchi, anchovies, veggie stir fry, and miso soup to go around between the both of us.

A mid day snack of oyster-jeon.

My baby harvest of mulberries and tomatoes (midday snack, round 2)

J’s very special pasta for dinner.

and a big honkin’ eclair for moi for dessert.

I spent an entire day dedicated to the pool and apparently forgot about breakfast (shocking)!

Lunch of veg burger and roasted local veggies.  The burger came with a smoked tomato, NC hoop cheddar, spicy pickled cucumbers, and poblano garlic aioli.

Dinner of bone-in ribeye, twice baked potatoes, and green beans.

Nom, nom, and nom.


Your Squishy Monster ^.~

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