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Favorite Korean Drinks

The weather is currently teetering between sunny days and cool nights so I wanted to grab the opportunity to share with you some of my favorite ways to hydrate, Korean style 😉


Rice punch.  Lightly sweet and refreshing.  I love the texture that the floating grains of rice takes.

banana05Banana milk.  This boomed in the time when many were suffering from malnutrition and bananas were considered a luxury item back in the 70’s in Korea.  This, paired along with the fact that kids went bananas over this celebrity-endorsed {think the “got milk?” campaign) concoction that some even consider to be the national drink of choice, what can one do but sheepishly shrug at the sugar high aftermath?

Confession #424, I have no idea who those celebrities are and “milk” in Korean is one of my favorite words to say: ooh-yoo!

Citron {yuzu} tea, served hot or cold.  Thin citrus fruit that tastes tart like a grapefruit, preserved in honey.  It’s the Korean version of the orange juice treatment for colds.  As a bonus, there are bits of candied fruit running throughout it and can double as a sweet and tart jam.


Barley {boricha} tea.  Long having been a staple in my household, I drink this as fluidly as water.  A warm bronze in color, it tastes clean and nutty and can be served hot or cold.


Bacchus.  The original (not red bull).  It’s marketed as a hybrid drink to cure both hangovers and fatigue.  Disclaimer: I don’t actually drink this but I remember daddy downing these on those long weeks when he was pulling 2 or 3 jobs to support us.  The smell always makes me think of him and that’s why it’s part of my “favorites” list.

Roasted grain powder drink, a healthful blend of barley, millet, soybeans, sesame seeds, rice, etc.  Mama would whirl spoonfuls of this with milk and sweeten with honey for us as kids.  I remember oohing at the beige liquid tornado that it would create when she would mix it.  Good times 😉


Crushed pear juice.  Exactly what it sounds like but made with Asian pears.  As you slurp it down, you get nibbles of the fruit.

images (1)

Milkis.  What I would consider the Korean version of an Italian cream soda.  Creamy and effervescent, available in fun flavors like melon or mango.

Which one would you try?


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