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Weekend Bits

This weekend saw me at my very first football game. Yes, you read that right. First time ever. J took me on a surprise visit and we spent time in both Athens and Atlanta this weekend. This weekend also marked the milestone of reaching over 5k subs which is a blessing with all the craziness that was involved with creating a brand new channel from scratch, leaving behind my old, established one. Check it out and subscribe here. The Squishy Monster will love you forever!

photo 1{J’s alma mater}

photo 2The artist who has no hands. One of Uga’s portraits is currently hanging downstairs courtesy of the talented Mr. Davenport!

photo 3Korean food with friends involving bulgogi, pork belly, soybean soup, kimchi soup, and a visit to the Korean bakery!

photo 4I bought milk bread, angel cake, and my favorite, castella and this gorgeous plum confection was the lightest blackberry mousse.

photo 5And to cap off the weekend, mere hours before the premiere of The Walking Dead, J took me to Woodbury! The last time I was into a show this much was The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers so you can just imagine my glee.

Some Korean snacks I picked up:



How was your weekend? What was your favorite part?


Your Squishy Monster ^.~

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