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Loving Lately

As always, the highlight always revolves around food!

Breakfast at my new favorite coffee shop + seared scallops with J, taking my parents out for steak, and chocolate cake with a gf.

Blackberry/rosemary beignets.

Veggie burger and flatbread at our local vegan joint.


Lunch by/with mama…rice, sweet potato noodles, tofu, braised mackerel, and spicy veggie soup.


A highly recommended burger spot that’s been around since the 70’s.

Homemade sushi with J….spicy tuna, crab and avocado rolls.


My favorite dark chocolate gelato with cake & berries.

White Horse & The Penelopiad

Staged around an ordinary girl named Zoe, she embarks on a remarkable journey in a post apocalyptic world where a fatal mutation dubbed “the white horse” tests the humanity of the 10% remaining.  When shrouded in loss, fear, and overall deprivation, what would you do?  It reminded me of one of my favorites, The Road.

Atwood’s response to Homer’s The Odyssey.  Told from Penelope’s stand point, she recounts the ancient tale of her life with Odysseus and her 12 maids.

And our “snow fall” that canceled school, work, and delayed everything else.


Spending my snow day punching down some dough to make some beignets.  Yum.


Your Squishy Monster ^.~

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