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Loving Lately

Sunday morning, I woke up to 10,000 subscribers on my Youtube channel.  Considering that I had to begin from scratch a year ago and leave my old, established channel behind, I feel humbled and grateful.  #1 loving lately?  All of you!!

1 quoteMy celebratory German chocolate cupcake

1 cc



Pad see ew at a new Thai spot.
2 pad




Tuna & King Crab Roll.
The light shows at this weekends Wolfgang Gartner.


4 wolf


My favorite read at the moment—an elaboration of why I too read and write…eat and cook.

6 blue plateAnd the premiere of The Walking Dead!!!!

5 twdThis Katana-weilding badass finally had {a bit} of her story told.

What are you loving lately?


Your Squishy Monster ^.~



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