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French Press Coffee


Up until a couple years ago, I never drank coffee {this from a girl who even worked as a barista}.  I guess it’s not too hard to believe that I’m naturally energetic so I never found the need for it but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve procured an appreciation for a nice café noir.  There’s nothing quite like a good cup of coffee with coffee cake or how the rich smell of fresh coffee brewing fills your home.


French Press Coffee
Prep time

Total time



  • Cold filtered water heated to 195-205
  • 1-2 tb coarse coffee grinds per 1 cup of water
  • {I like 2 g/28 g water}

  1. Heat your water to 195-205. Allow it to sit for 2-3 minutes.
  2. Add the coffee to the bottom of the French press and slowly pour in the water. Leave the top off and allow the coffee to bloom. A swollen cake will float to the top. Skim off any excess grounds with a spoon or two {optional}
  3. Wait 4 minutes and stir. Now you can put the top on and very slowly plunge.
  4. Make sure the plunger doesn’t have any old grounds in it and make sure to empty the press of its coffee as it continues to steep and will get bitter.

Did you know that you can use your press as a makeshift Randall and milk frother?  This is my favorite French press and I use it for loose leaf teas too.


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