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Loving Lately

1Pizza wars!  20 local vendors compete for the title of best pizza in town.  My belly was more than happy to be involved.

A juicy gouda, bacon, avocado, onion string burger at the new joint down the street.

Sushi with J,

and a show afterwards…



and another,


and another…

5 mena

polishing off the
night with Miss Mena Mae and her champagne burlesque.

photo (2)


Baking up red velvet, funfetti, lemon curd, vegan chocolate, chai, and violet flower cupcakes for my friends huge birthday party.


At the birthday bash.

An exquisitely sad and bittersweet romance that sweeps you off your feet to a place that is both hopeful and detached, lovely and scary, all at once. I most enjoyed how the author spun magic and myth with reality together.

Me and mama’s haul.

My haul from the super coupon event.  Grand total?  $5 + giveaways for Pack Away Hunger!

And speaking of great causes, Mary from love, the secret ingredient has created a fun box filled with foodie goodies with 10% of its proceeds going to help the organization, Feed The Children.  Each box is a bundle of culinary surprise and I can’t wait to see what’s in mine.

Rounding off the weekend by making kimchi with mama.


Your Squishy Monster ^.~

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