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Nostalgic Bites

I miss Korea.  I haven’t been since I was 16 and boy is the entire experience always stuffed with culinary delights.  Not only does the entire family flock around the kitchen and celebrate with food, my aunties are constantly fussing over you to eat, eat and eat some more.  One of the more memorable moments were of all the street vendors yelling for your attention.  With the sheer volume of activity and chaos, it’s hard to take a moment to pause with all of your senses flooded with all things crispy, juicy, fiery…and all just plain delicious but there are a few that remained with me over the years.

While playing the rubber band game (the Korean version of jump rope), the neighborhood girls and I would refresh ourselves with the strangest combination of

oimg_GC08211273_CA08211888dried file fish and

2007-2007_03-ic_watermelonwatermelon popsicles to wash down the briny bite of the fish.

At breakfast time, when we didn’t feel like sitting down before a Korean meal (which includes quite a number of side dishes just to complete the affair), my aunty would send me or my brother down to the local bakery to pick up some milk bread.  I have several fond memories of biting into these fat pillowy slices and asking for more.



These sweet red bean cakes that look that look like little fishies are some of my daddy’s favorites.

Korean-Street-Food fishThey essentially taste like hot crispy waffles enveloping sweet, thick red bean paste and sometimes, there’s a nice cool layer of ice cream tucked in the middle.

33_1Rice punch.  The best I’d ever had saved me from the sun that can so fiercely threaten an innocent pedestrian as they walk along side the busy (and super hot) streets of Korea.  At an open air fish market crouched in a corner, a lady with sun bronzed skin and crinkled eyes ladled up this refreshing drink for me and it was like cooling ambrosia on that very hot day and I’ve been hooked ever since.

What are some of your favorite childhood treats?


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