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Weekend Bits

orchidsStrolling through a magical orchid wonderland.

walkwalk2Views from my walk.


Did you know that mermaids are real?  I saw one this past weekend!  Confession #511: I’m a bit obsessed with mermaids.  People ask me what I’d be doing if I weren’t cooking.  Be a mermaid, of course!



Al fresco dining, one of my favorite things in the world.  The ambiance more than made up for this lack luster first course.  Bleh.

jersusalem cafeHummus and spiced chicken with mama.

meuntangMy meuntang and dakgalbi for family supper.

kfoodMore Korean food, because I just can’t get enough!  Clockwise: kimchi stew, Korean bbq, and black bean noodles with kimchi and radish.

froyoAnd you know I like to end on a sweet note.  Tart froyo, kiwi, mochi, and a frosted animal cookie.


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