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The Last Year of my 20’s


I’ll be honest. I spent most of my adolescence on feeling like an alien, uncertain of how to act, what to say, or even be. But I can say that as I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to embrace my quirks and that was probably one of the hardest parts of growing up for me.  Yesterday’s birthday felt different.  I felt free and happy to be me, weird parts and all.

I spent the morning catching up with my family then spent the rest of the day with my best friend, J. We soaked up an entire afternoon of summer rainstorms while I unfurled over clean sheets, watching golden sunlight stream in between showers and the flame of my candles flicker as I spent the day doing absolutely nothing. It. felt. great. I ate meals that I lingered over and didn’t feel any urgency to snap a picture of and laughed so much that mascara ran down my cheeks. The night ended with candlelight and clams, happily mopping crusty bread into its sauce of white wine, butter, garlic, and herbs.

It was a perfect day. And as if it weren’t perfect enough, J surprised me with a trip to France and Italy and hit over 20k subs and over 1 million views yesterday. The last year of my 20’s definitely capped off nicely and I’m glad everything happened the way it did, even if I wasn’t always so certain.
If I could tell 20 year old me what I know now, it’d be, “Don’t be afraid to be you. Those who matter will love you no matter what. Be strong, be steadfast, and stay true to you. The greatest things in life have yet to be lived!”

Thanks for the best birthday ever.


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