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Easy Microwave Mac and Cheese


The fact that I don’t have a walk-in closet is the norm for me-that, and the fact that even if I did, I wouldn’t care to fill it.  Likewise, I realize that not having a full kitchen might be the norm for others-that, and the fact that even if they had one, they wouldn’t use it.  Needless to say, some of my top viewer requests are for quick and easy recipes.  You can’t get as quick and comforting as a piping hot pile of buttered, cheesy noodles that takes less than 10 minutes and minimal effort.




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Easy Microwave Mac and Cheese
Cook time

Total time


Serves: 1 Serving

  • ½ c pasta
  • ¾ c whole milk
  • ½ tb butter
  • Salt
  • 1 tb cream/goat cheese
  • ½ c – 1 c shredded cheese

  1. In a large heat safe vessel, {the larger the better to control overflow} combine the pasta, milk, butter, and salt.
  2. In my 1.58 kw microwave, it took me a total of 6 minutes in short bursts to cook the pasta through.
  3. Carefully take it out and stir in the cheeses. Microwave for an additional 30-60 seconds to allow the cheeses to melt and cover the pasta in the creamy, cheesy sauce.
  4. Let stand to cool slightly then enjoy.


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