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St. Croix Living and Exploring – Snorkeling + Food

Today’s video is all about St. Croix living, how we met, snorkeling and my favorite quick and easy meal and favorite green smoothie.

When we first contemplated St. Croix living, I joined several forums and Facebook groups in order to unload my many questions.  It’s probably not remarkable that most of them had to do with food.  Surprisingly, the response I received was divided.  There were several folks who told me that most anything and everything would be available to me while another camp told me to leave the notion of fresh foods and specialty items behind.  From first hand experience, I can tell you that if you’re willing to adapt, a comfortable middle can be achieved.  I actually go deeper into this with my e-book which is set to go live in 2 weeks which will also include many of the invaluable tips, tricks and insight I wish I had been given before making our big move.

We’ve learned to go without some things but also realized that we never truly needed them that badly to begin with and for other “must have” items, where there’s a will, there’s a way!  Mostly, we’ve learned to forage in our backyard and the fruits of our labor have been abundant.  We’ve collected tons of mango, starfruit, soursop, breadfruit and more.  Still more with our little garden that’s been chugging along nicely and we often barter our kimchi for farm fresh eggs and other food stuffs.

I’ve been really enjoying the process of producing these St. Croix video blogs for you guys.  What began as a way to share our lives with our family’s back home has now become important for me to have later to share with our future children or to reminisce with when we’re good and wrinkled, rocking in our chairs, overlooking our farm land and drinking sour sop lemonade.  I hope you enjoy them too.

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One thought on “St. Croix Living and Exploring – Snorkeling + Food

  • Mary Pisarkiewicz says:

    Love all your videos this one is cute, I want to move there it looks absolutely amazing I can’t even imagine! So happy for your!

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