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St. Croix Tropical Fruit Farm

We recently spent time at our friends farm helping out with their 4.5 acre fruit farm.  It’s a treasure trove filled landscape that holds lush greenery and abundant, fruit bearing trees that whenever I’m collecting all that’s already fallen to the ground, I feel like I’m on an easter egg hunt as a child all over again.  This is particularly true when I’m hiding out in one of the many fruit tree canopies {you’ll see in the video} where I feel like I’m encompassed in my very own little universe.  It’s pretty magical stuff.  They have all sorts of fruit like 15 varieties of mango, several different kinds of avocado, sopadilla, sugar {custard} apple, coconut, bananas, pomelo, egg fruit, passion fruit, star apple, jack fruit, star fruit and so much more.  Really, too much to mention or even go over in my video but I tried.

Today, I show you some of my favorites from the farm and open them up for you to see as I try my best to describe what each one tastes like.  Each fruit is special and has a distinctive flavor and texture with something different to offer.  Some, I had never even heard of before I’d moved to St. Croix.  Egg fruit is very new to me and I’ve been delighted since my first bite.  Its flesh is very similar to an egg yolk {hence its moniker}, and has a rich mouthfeel with a taste akin to pumpkin-sweet potato-chestnut.  Side note: did you see some of the mango that are as big as my head?!

I’m just sad to report that mango season is coming to an end and though I’ve been enjoying mango every which way possible, I still don’t feel like I’ve had my fill yet!  Many mornings have begun with my green smoothies with mango as its fruity, creamy base but it also performs nicely in savory applications like in my mango salsa for grilled mahi tacos.  I’m always so very happy when we enjoy those.  I may be biased, but St. Croix boasts some of the best mango and mahi.  I’ve also been dehydrating them and sprinkling it with a bit of chili powder for a different take.  And gone are the days when we had to purchase mixers for all the free flowing rum on our little rock.  J declares frozen rum-mangos to be the very best.

In any event, I’m so happy I could share some of the fresh local fruit that St. Croix has to offer with you.  In 5 short months, I already feel so much pride for our new home and have happily luxuriated in its bounty.

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7 thoughts on “St. Croix Tropical Fruit Farm

  • Jan says:

    Wow! I’m amazed at what a fruit paradise St Croix is. Incredible! Can’t wait to see

  • brian says:

    as long as there is no Durian fruit i am right there with u Squishy! hahaha..i like Jackfruit it some odd but tasty stuff!

  • The Squishy Monster says:

    It often seems to be a solo pursuit for me, haha. Have a great week, Brain!

  • Anna Yang says:

    Is their fruit for sale and tour? Is it available for an outsider to visit? I planning to go Florida and want to visit this place and want to know the address.

  • The Squishy Monster says:

    Hi, Anna. The farm is located in St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands. We are very close friends with the farmer and could ask about a tour. He also sells his goods at the Southgate Farmers Market every Saturday. It’s located on the east end of the island, right before Cheeseburgers.

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  • Gia Le says:

    Thank you for that video of the fruit farm tour!! Now I know where I want to live

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