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The World Food Championships

The World Food Championships were held in Orange Beach, Alabama this year and it was wedged between my visits to New Orleans.  As it was only a 3 hour drive, it was too tempting not to take advantage and turn 2 trips into 1.  You can read all about my New Orleans adventures here.

We arrived to the Turquoise Place early Sunday evening, already from a NOLA high.  Somehow, the majesty of our suite still managed to rival this.  Our suite actually had a hot tub on the balcony overlooking the ocean and every morning, we woke up to this:


and were treated to a $1200 coffee called cup of luxury.


In conjunction with Hormel’s new “bro torch,” J had the opportunity to try it out for himself.


The next day, we traveled from Orange Beach to Bayou La Batre to learn all about oysters at Murder Point where oysters are literally to die for.  The story goes that 2 families feuded over the rights to the land and a man was murdered over it right on his very own front porch.  The prize are these incredibly plump, almost creamy, sweet and briny morsels that actually have a buttery taste to them, hence their hashtag, #butterlove


From water to plate to my belly, the theme continued with more fresh seafood in a low country boil, graciously put on by the folks at Graham Shrimp Co.


On the menu were marinated crab claws, shrimp cocktail, fried shrimp, raw oysters, conecuh sausage, seafood gumbo, potato salad, buttered corn and potatoes.  Oh, and sweet tea and banana puddin’.  Oh how I missed the south!

Supper followed suit with touring the actual fishing boat our red snapper was caught on.


Of course the day wouldn’t have been complete without the obligatory holiday happy hour!


The last day was dedicated to the actual judging.  As part of getting E.A.T certified {Execution, Appearance and Taste}, we were guided by a professional chef in all its criteria and even had the opportunity to have a test run on Chef Drew Jackman’s burgers.


On burger rotation were black and blue burgers and Italian burgers.


These are just a few selections from the structured desserts round that I got to taste and judge.  These pretty little things are from the first round of orange crepes.

Needless to say, between the two trips, I was perpetually stuffed.  My friends and family always joke that even while I’m enjoying my current meal, I’m already day dreaming about my next one.  I can’t say I had a moment to do so as I was luxuriating in all the edible wealth of what both New Orleans and Alabama had to offer.



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