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2016 Recap

2016 was an exciting year of change for me.  Me and my husband moved from one island to another and ultimately made our home off of the mainland and into the caribbean  {which I then wrote an e-book about}, we celebrated some of our first holidays as man and wife, rescued an island puppy and subsequently adopted her, were invited to be judges at the World Food Championships, placed featured spots in American Express, our local publication, “St. Croix This Week” and the St. Croix airport, collaborated with some incredible chefs and said goodbye to old friends as we came to make new friends in our new home.

Some of my favorite moments of 2016.

I trust that 2017 will be an even more fruitful year.  I intend on sticking to a more regular schedule for and will continue airing new episodes for my channel each Wednesdays at a new time {noon}.  Part of this regular scheduling will include a few series including the “Wonders of St. Croix” where I’ll discuss some of the amazing places and people of our island home, “Monthly Favorites” where I’ll present some of my favorite finds of the month and “Easy Recipes” that I’ll share from either my kitchen or from friends and fellow cooks.  I can’t wait to share more content!  I thank you for being the best part of The Squishy Monster.


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