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2017 New Years Resolutions

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For far too long, my blog has been neglected.  The new year will see a new dedication here.  I will still be airing my regular Wednesday video recipes but will add on to it with regular blog topics about food, island life and all of my favorite things.


When we lived in Charlotte, North Carolina, I was very active in my community, particularly with my campaign, “Pack Away Hunger” where a small group of us would assemble and distribute sack lunches to the homeless community in our city.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been as present in our new home.  I intend to change this.  In St. Croix, the animal shelters are constantly at max capacity.  The first time I ever visited the Animal Welfare Center here, I went home in tears.  We visited with “Gator” who had been tied to the bush and left to die.  He was completely emaciated with his jugular exposed.  This big beautiful pit bull didn’t seem to realize what an incredible creature he was as he cowered in the corner, too afraid for anyone to approach him.  I hope to be more involved with the efforts to care for all the animals in 2017.

J literally found this little girl, Gemma in the trash.  Fortunately, Gemma and Gator were both later adopted.



There are several hikes and trails that I’ve yet to go on and though everyone keeps telling me that St. Croix is small, there’s just so much more to discover!  Did you know that the entire length of our island can be driven in about an hour from tip to tip?  Along the way, there are innumerable hidden nooks and crannies and one can get fully absorbed in the beauty of each and every unnamed beach along the way.


“Live frugally, travel lavishly” is something my mother in law told me once and it’s never left me.  I’m lucky to have a partner that enjoys traveling as much as I do and instead of exchanging gifts for holidays/anniversaries/birthdays, we save up for fun trips.  First up for 2017 is our 1st wedding anniversary/Christmas vacation to Thailand!  So far, we’ve been to the Bahamas {twice}, Italy, France, NYC, LA, NOLA, Costa Rica, got married in the Dominican Republic and moved to St. Croix in the {almost} 4 years we’ve been together and my hope is to travel the world with this man by the time we’re wrinkled and grey.  I would love to get to Rotterdam to see my baby brother this year as well.


Does anyone else do this?  In 2017, I’d like to make more of a concerted effort to be more engaged and present.  I too often feel like so much is going on and life gets in the way…blah, blah, blah.  No excuses.

What are some of your New Years resolutions?

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