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Monthly Favorites: Local St. Croix Snacks

Today’s post is the first in my “Monthly Favorites” series where I’ll be corralling a list of my current favorite things {probably mostly food related}.

This guy is called Soursop/Guanabana/Guyabana, among other names.


4 lbs of the freshest soursop which can grow up to 15 lbs.

I’ve long enjoyed this fruit but right now, they seem to be hanging large, heavy and ripe on our friends trees.  They have a prickly {soft pricks} lime green exterior with creamy white flesh, embedded with seeds.  The custardy, creamy dreamy pulp that tastes of a cross between pineapple, citrus and banana is very unique.  My favorite way to enjoy it is by de-seeding and freezing for the most delectable smoothies.  When blended with ripe, spotty frozen banana, it ends up tasting like ice cream! The locals boast that it can cure cancer.

Hibiscus flowers.  No matter what the season, our flowers always seem to be in full bloom.  There is one particular hibiscus shrub just outside my window that always greets me a sunny good morning.

My favorite part is when the tea changes color from the citrus.

Peanut punch is a very popular drink here in St. Croix.


It has a sweet, roasted, nutty flavor that reminds me of a delicious, creamy shake and is available by street vendors or local restaurants.

Sunday pates have become somewhat of a tradition in our household.  After a long beach day out west, we love picking up these fried pockets filled with goodies {think an empanada} from this non-descript spot off the side of the road.  My favorite is the salt fish which has been salted, dried then rehydrated with a melange of spices to be stuffed into crispy, blistered dough.


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One thought on “Monthly Favorites: Local St. Croix Snacks

  • brian says:

    peanut punch sounds interesting. thought it would be like fruit punch with nutter butter peanut butter cookies in it..until i looked at recipe. haha

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